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Who Is Vinny Sky

Award Winning Tattoo Artist

vinny sky 2015-12-3-15:57:19

I've been tattooing for over 26 years. I was professionally trained by Gary Steyer and artist who has been tattooing for over 30 years. Through the years I worked along side some great artist and learned new an exciting techniques. During my 26 years I have won several awards in tattooing and only worked for a few shops like; Dragonfly Tattoo (where I received my apprenticeship), The Blue Dragon Tattoo, and I owned 2 shops; Art with a Pulse Tattoo in Flagstaff, AZ , Vinny Sky Professional Tattoo in Glendale.

My favorite mediums to work in are; Pencil,Graphite,Charcoal, I like working with Colored Pencils and Markers. I also like to sculpt; mainly clay. I'm also a musician and have a band called Dead West.

In tattooing I specialize in all types of styles but my favorites are; New skool, Traditional, Asian and Custom. I really enjoy creating new art for my clients and making sure they get what they want. It's very satisfying as and artist to see the joy they have after the work is finished.

I always tell everyone "To take your time don't be in a rush get what you want and remember your health and safety comes first." I like helping my clients and you'll find that I'm very honest with my clients also. 

I love what I do and there is no reason to rip people off. You should get a quality tattoo at very affordable prices.

So come on by and let's meet and let me see what I can do for you.

Thank you for your Skin!

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